Its name is Sustainable Energy Action Plan but, for now, we could call it the dreambook of Santorso. Because the proposals contained into this pages are ambitions, hopes, project ideas, guidelines throught which we look to the future, but that will need passion, participation, collaboration, tools and economy resources in order to come true.

Let’s keep in mind that the aims that are outlined in these pages are not only ambitious, but also – in many cases – also difficult to reach. But we have the conviction that – even during these difficult times for Italy and Europe – our little community have the strength to look at its own future with the will to build wealth and life-quality for the new generations. And we are sure that today these aims are tied with our capacity to reduce the ecological footprint of our activities; we have to face climate changes through an adapting process and to overcome economical difficulties with innovation.

So this SEAP is not only to be considered a plan for the environment. It’s a plan for our community as well. And it have to come to live through the relationships and exchanges with other communities. That’s the reason because we look at the Altovicentino area as the space where to build an integrated and sustainable community and also because we look at the european horizon as the field for innovation, debate and cooperation.

The SEAP of Santorso is a dreambook that needs the active contribution of everyone in order to be realised: families, entrepreneurs, commercial activities, associations, new generations. Each of us is called to contribute to build our common future. While going through these pages, we would suggest to bear in mind words which are not ours, but which are able to express in the best way the difference between individual action and community action: “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.




The Municipality of Santorso is interested for possible partnership on UE programs.

Santorso has a population of about 6.000 inhabitants, but it operates in a big area between Alps and Padan plain where almost 100.000 people lives. Actually, Santorso is the coordinator of many specific projects and networkings activities that involves many towns and a large number of citizens.

Among its projects the Municipality of Santorso is the head of the Provincial Enviromental Educational Laboratory (Laboratorio Provinciale di Educazione Ambientale: www.laboratorioambientale.vi.it) that works on an large area involving about 700.000 inhabitants; in particular it organizes courses, laboratories and initiatives about environmental issues in schools.

Santorso is also the head of the Youngh Policy Network of Altovicentino (Rete per le Politiche Giovanili dell’Altovicentino: http://www.diversamente.info/Politiche-Giovanili#.UrBZ_yeOcjE). Such network involves 9 municipalities and organizes initiatives for young people, and deals also with common issues or environmental valorization. Now, we are the coordinator of a European Integration Fund (EIF) project that has actions for young people (www.diversamente.info).

Last Spring the Municipality of Santorso was involved in the presentation of a Life + project with the purpose to build up a model of environmental governance in order to orient the territories of the European regions to the ecological conversion. The Altovicentino area is one of the largest industrial and commercial areas of Northern Italy: 5.800 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in particular in the field of mechatronics, packaging and production of machine tools.

Santorso – and the whole Altovicentino area – had a long history in the field of textiles and clothes industry. Alessandro Rossi was one of the first entrepreneur in Italy: he lived in Santorso and built big factories in Altovicentino area, being with Turin and Milan, one of the first industrial areas in Italy.

Last Spring we have also closed a partnership in a IEE project (www.aplusplus.eu) with partners from Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.

Indeed, Santorso organizes some cultural events around these topics. For example, every year we organize a “School of Commons” (www.scuoladeibenicomuni.wordpress.com): this is a space dedicated to citizens who have the opportunity to debate, study and increase their knowledge about energies, land, water, partecipated models and other topics.

In these weeks we are closing our SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan, www.santorsosostenibile.it). In 2012 Santorso has adopted a strategy vision of the city called “Santorso 2020”, it aims to a sustainable and sinergic community that work for ecological reconversion and equity; we are working at project that aims to reduce food waste in schools and to re-introduces washable dishes and we have planned a project for a sustainable Municipality that includes: Green Procurement, reinable energies, work-stiles of workers and co-workers…

We are also working in order to transform a historical Villa in a cultural citizens’centre that might become the sustainable core of the Altovicentino area. We imagine a place where entrepreneurs, students, young people and citizens can meet and get different services and information about sustainable and environmental issues, creating new start up together or sharing the last technologies and ideas developed across Europe. The purpose of this project is also to create a social space where the community can debate, join brand-new perspectives and give their own contribute about consumptions, energy efficiency, city development and mobility. Our target in the “Altovicentino” area, include almost 100.000 inhabitants.